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History in Photos  (Galleries)


These galleries contain images that demonstrate the evolution of Estanislao Costura over the last 30 years – beginning back in 1986 – when the stripes were bold, the shoulders were wide, and almost everything came in shades of black! BIOGRAPHY OF ESTANISLAO


In our studio, we can reproduce, modify and update any of the designs you see. They can also be inspirational for making a new creation for you. Of course, some of them are here just for fun!



1986 - Inicios 000

1986 - Beginnings
new romantic 000

New Romantic
boulevard 000

Organic sastre 001

Organic Tailoring
Sant Narcís 000

Sant Narcis
Toro y mar 000

El Toro y el Mar
Punto 001


novia-organica 00

Encantades - 000

novia desfiles I - 000

Fashion shows I
novia - desfiles II 000

Fashion shows II
Editorial Gabriela

Editorial Bride
Model: @ninette_shibara  Photographer: @davidalvarezphoto  MUA: @laiat_m  Stylist: Petula Samkova Couture: @estanislaocostura  Henna & Hair: @savyjd

Editorial Colour
ismael-alvarez-scarlett - 02

Ismael Alvarez
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